Day: April 27, 2021


8 Reasons why I use Go Pro Hero 8 for Vlogging

I like to introduce myself as a travel blogger. I am a writer at my heart and traveling is my passion. Weaving stories from my days of travel and giving it life on the black WordPress pages give me immense pleasure. Something for which I have taken the courageous step to quit job and take […]

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Mental health

Finding Peace and Calm: Healing Journey during the Trying Phase of Pandemic, Second Wave in India & Mental health

Need oxygen, plasma, ICU, home ICU set up, a bed in a hospital, cooked food for families in isolation, financial help. Need help. Help. Help. We need… need more… My twitter feed, Facebook and Instagram are full of frantic calls for support for the past week. I see, get scared, scroll down, see more help […]

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