8 Reasons why I use Go Pro Hero 8 for Vlogging

I like to introduce myself as a travel blogger. I am a writer at my heart and traveling is my passion. Weaving stories from my days of travel and giving it life on the black WordPress pages give me immense pleasure. Something for which I have taken the courageous step to quit job and take to full time blogging.

While written content dates back to the advent of human history and will be there for as long as this endearing civilization by mankind sustains, the trending technology of the day is video! I tried my hands at Video blogging, also known as vlogging and experimenting a lot with it. However I faced a few issues which I will note down below. Then I will explain how I found a solution.

  1. I used to use a DSLR camera with mic on top. While the quality came out unparalleled, it was a task to carry it, stabilize the video output and it also made the subject for recording, if a living being, very conscious. Beside, it is a task to make the set up at the drop of a hat, often the demand of the situation.
  2. I became very conscious while speaking in front of the DSLR. I would fumble and my natural smile or happy mood would step back to an overtly anxious face, easily paving way for discomforted for the viewers.

I used a phone camera to get rid of the issue. I used to use Pixel and iPhone, both great phones with front cameras and that helped to a large extent with slight dip in the audio quality. Then I won a contest with Tourism Board of Thailand in March 2020, the grand prize of which was a Go Pro 8! I put it to good use only in September when we were traveling in Himachal and learnt and unlearnt a lot in a month of use!

Small, almost invisible

The Go pro action camera is a study alternate to other vlogging cameras with a small, very small get up. Even when you attach a case to it, the Go Pro remains invisible and never interrupts between conversation with a total stranger. Usually, a camera with an elaborate set up will scare off other humans, in turn limiting your content creation possibilities!

Easy to carry

Due to small size, the go pro 8 is a very user friendly device to be carried along in trips, marketplace and almost any other low key string operation! This one camera never gave me shoulder pain, for which I am ever so grateful!

4k shooting

While I am forever a fan girl of the image or video quality of a DSLR, a Go Pro 8 has the capacity to record in 4K format. You can imagine the amazing quality of the video output! All my recent reels on Instagram comes directly from Go Pro 8 and I could not be happier about them!

Decent battery life

Once fully charged, a Go Pro 8 camera can record upto an hour. This may not be a lot if you are vlogging and shooting every aspect of a day. It is a wise idea to carry a spare battery or at least keep the device on charge.

Various modes to shoot

Not just for vlogging, go pro hero 8 gives me a chance to self-shoot in various modes when I am traveling alone. The camera has a plethora of set up and user created presets to choose from. You can shoot in normal, zoomed out or superzoom mode as well.

Compact and sturdy

By the virtue of being an action camera, the Go Pro Hero 8 is a durable device and a reliable travel companion on road trips and other adventure activities! You can easily carry it in a palm without being bothered about its weight.

Great audio output

I do not use any external mic with the Go Pro 8 and while there is always a scope of betterment with the audio, it gives me a decent output compared to the phone camera. I am soon going to set up the device with my Rhode mic.

Direct upload to Internet

With Go Pro 8, there is an option to back up, edit, store and directly upload to your preferred social channels when you are connected to Wi-Fi. I think that is an extremely user friendly feature especially in a world quickly shifting to consuming more and more short videos!

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