How to Get Glowing Skin at Minimal Cost: 10 easy Home Remedies

home remedies for a glowing skin

As an avid traveler, I expose my skin to harsh sunrays and saline beach breeze more often than required. With time passing by, I age, albeit gracefully, but also realize my skin is the first canvas that picks up those fine lines! The subtle fine lines and wrinkles by the eye line, the menacing acne scars, the deep tan lines often doubling as souvenirs and a dark crow’s feet around my eye socket are now enamoring my face. To add to that the inevitable garb of travel fatigue.

But I am not here to discuss ways in which travel is sucking out my life. On the contrary, in reality I love to move further than I can imagine. The feel of being constantly on the movie gives me an unprecedented high. truth be told, I would trade anything and everything in the world at this point to be on the road again but alas this life of lockdown!

Travel scars externally but there are more than one way to deal with it. For all the healing and the new experiences, you can gently let go the sunburns with one cup of yogurt served at the hotel breakfast probably?

I wrote this prologue keeping in mind what damages my skin the most. It is long day out which is essential for my work and mental well being. Similarly, you may go through a different experience in life that takes a toll on your skin! It is okay. Let that not be a deterrent to your career, journey, lifestyle. I will list down easy home remedies available everywhere that easily renders a new sheen to your skin, rejuvenates and helps it attain a new found glow! Read on, experiment and let me know if you have a heirloom remedy to take care of your skin!

The remedies I would suggest are easy to procure, mostly found in our kitchen for everyday use and you need less than a spoonful to use for one individual. Think tomato, papaya, ripe fruits, cucumber, lemon, honey and the likes! Find them familiar in your kitchen usage? Great! Let us get started!

Papaya & Honey Paste

Take a ripe papaya. cut it into pieces. Use the pulp that is retained by its skin. Since it is a ripe Papaya, you may collect the residue flesh of the fruit and mix in a little bit of honey and apply the pack on your face and let it dry for next 15 minutes, Rince off with a soft cotton towel, preferably Gamcha. Tell me how your skin glow after applying this natural remedy! Do this twice or thrice a week.

Using Papaya helps reduce scars, redness and itches. It also prevents outbreak of rash!

Scrub with Coffee & Honey

Looking for a natural scrum to get rid of dead skin on your face? Nothing works more wonderful than a spoonful of coffee grains when mixed with a few drops of honey! Just ensure your use this for a skin which does not have acne outbreak. It is a good scrub for acne scars though, as well as black heads around nose and lips.

For supple lips, use coffee powder, honey and some lemon juice. You need less than a spoon of all these ingredients!

Gram Flour, Honey & Yogurt!

Gram flour is extremely effecting in soaking extra oil from skin. This pack is essentially helpful for people who would like to get rid of acne. Mix in a few spoon of gram flour, little yogurt. to add moisturizer, add in a spoon of honey. Ensure the paste is of thick consistency. Apply for 15 minutes or till it dries.

This pack helps for acne prone skin, renders instant glow, reduces blemish and tan marks and makes skin look healthy!

Rice Powder, Yogurt & Turmeric

Rice powder is a natural scrubber which also soaks in extra oil from the skin, takes care of open pores and the mix of yogurt and honey does the trick of de-tanning and reducing blemish. Any kind of face pack with turmeric magically transforms your skin. I can not be more louder about health benefits of turmeric!

Scrub with Almond paste followed by Milk & Honey Face Pack

You need very small quantities of each ingredients for this skin care regime. The little bit of almond paste is basically a scrubber. It reduces dead skin and helps you get rid of black heads. Follow up with a spoon full mix of honey and milk and apply it on skin for better result!

Soaked Masoor Daal Paste with Honey

Soak a few spoon of masoor dal overnight and apply this with a spoonful of honey on the next day. It works as a face scrub. The use of honey ensures your skin remains supple and moisturized.

Detox water

Detox water provides your skin with essential nutrients, keeps it moisturized and triggers health benefits like becoming lean and trim. Add in ample amount of lemon and ginger and basil and keep drinking this water throughout the day. You may also add in turmeric juice or cucumber juice. There are many recipes of detox water. In fact green tea also helps detoxify.

Cucumber Pack

Cucumber acts as a natural bleaching agent. Use the end of a cucumber that your usually discard to wipe over your face and feel the gentle coldness! You may also use a few spoonful of cucumber juice and apply it all over your face. using cucumber on a daily basis helps you get rid of tan, marks and dark circle. Use this as often as possible for best results.

Yogurt, Turmeric, Rose water & Honey

As a child, this is the pack I used the most! A little bit of turmeric paste makes so much of a difference! No wonder why weddings in South Asia are incomplete without haldi ceremony when turmeric paste is smeared on the bride and groom’s face.

Using turmeric gives an instant glow to your skin. the only downside it you have to apply soap to get rid of the bright yellow hue. But for all the antiseptic qualities of turmeric it is well worth it!

Chewing an inch of turmeric in empty stomach right after you leave the bed is a good practice too! It improves immunity, digestion and overall contributes to a healthy lifestyle!

make a paste of turmeric paste, yogurt, a few drops of rose water and little honey and apply it on your skin. i do this to get rid of tan, for face massage and I have noticed it reduces acne scars, blemishes and more!

Tomato face pack

I often use the ripe tomatoes to make a paste and apply directly on my skin. The ripe tomatoes have a fluid inside with seeds and more which many do not prefer to eat. It is better to apply that on face that discarding it for good! You may add a little bit of olive oil and leave it on for 15 minutes. Using ripe tomato on skin helps get rid of pigmentation and helps in tan removal as well.

Please note, tomato does not suit on every skin. Use sparingly and know how your skin reacts to it before going all out!

Extra Tips to attain a glowing skin!

Our skin’s natural glow depends on the lifestyle and level of mental stress we can endure. The direct proportion between various factors reflects directly on healthy looking skin that we all are bestowed during birth. I am talking about healthy glowing skin with even texture and not necessarily fair skin. In my honest opinion, that obsession is regressive and ugly.

Trust the following advice to bring you better health for a glowing skin when you practice them on a regular basis!

Seasonal Fruits

No matter what kind of facial you try, nothing works more effectively than seasonal ripe fruit. nature provides you with the best resources to take care of everything. In my experience, it works more beautifully than any kind of chemical treatment and supplements and keeps your skin hydrated and supple! Use mango in summer, avocado if you are in Latin America, a piece of potato to get rid of dark circle. Fruits are usually rich in anti oxidants and magically transforms your skin into a soft radiant glow that charms the moonlit sky!


Nothing scars our skin as much as the sun does yet nothing feels more beautiful that the sun! I remember traveling to Egypt and getting my skin tanned and damaged for the coming 3 months despite using an SPF 50 sunscreen.

beware of sun and use every precaution you may get. This is not just to save your skin from tanning but also to ensure youthful looking beautiful glowing and healthy skin! Use a sun block, a sun glass, a piece of cloth that helps you keep hydrated if need be and a bottle of water to replenish.

Adequate sleep

A persistent Sleep routine is necessary for overall human health which directly reflects on your skin and mental health. Sleeping for 8 hours on a daily basis helps your mind wake up afresh, strips away daily stress and helps reduce dark circles too! Sleep-time is actually the period when your body heals automatically, preserves energy and reduces everyday stress.

Drink 3 liters of water

Drinking sufficient water on a daily basis will certainly lead to a skin that shines like a glass! Your acne scars and other blemishes will be reduced. Stray hydrated to glow radiant!

Easy effective Home remedies for a glowing acne free skin with zero to minimal cost using fruits, turmeric and balanced lifestyle

Exercise daily!

The post work out glow is a real thing! Through your sweat and tears, the extra rush of dopamine glows through the skin! Work out, run, walk, practice yoga, dance. Do whatever you love but do it everyday! It certainly helps and you will enjoy and fall in love with your body with the course of time!

Most of these remedies are prescribed by the grandmothers and mothers who did not have access to the plethora of skin care products that plague today’s consumerist markets! It is fine to use these remedies, and for better yield, use then consistently for a few months and make it a part of your everyday lifestyle! You will feel beautiful with a healthy glowing skin!

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