Day: April 15, 2021

celebrating Bangla Nababarsho!

Homely Celebration Ideas to Bring in Nababarsho 1428: Bangla Nababarsho!

With a pandemic raging in full brute force, it is only wise to stay back at home, if possible in the warmth of your family and trust on small DIY innovations to bring in the celebration! Let me recall my childhood days of a typical Bengali New Year, a Bangla Nababarsho until we all grew […]

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Styling a Striking Red Bapta Silk Saree against the Backdrop of a Sunkissed Bagan

I borrowed this red Bapta silk from my mother’s wardrobe. I think she got it from Aboron boutique in Kolkata. This is a silk saree. The finish is similar to a raw silk saree. The colour is striking red with bold geometric patterns in pale yellow. The price hovers somewhere around INR 4000. This saree […]

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