101 Original Ideas for Your Next Water Colour Painting Canvas!

water colour painting ideas

I have a penchant for painting. However life happened and I forgot that I enjoyed creating a life with the help of few brush strokes so much! Come lockdown, and relentless bickering from the extended family about my wedding plan, circumstances inspired my mind to seek refuge in painting again. It was like life gave me another chance to rediscover myself! I went back to my canvas and started creating a few pieces very dear to my heart!

A portrait of a Kathakali dancer. With this, I restarted my painting journey.

I also realized, it can be a bit tricky to find an idea and execute it. For me, Pinterest, Facebook or even pictures I clicked during my trips came to help. Here I am creating a list of ideas which I hope would help you (as well as yours truly) in the forthcoming painting endeavors!

  1. A Sunset by the sea-shore with a few fishermen heading out to the azure waters
  2. A Bloom
  3. Sunbirds by the bloom
  4. Lotus bloom on a pond with dramatic sky
  5. A walk under a canopy
  6. A root bridge and a few villagers crossing it
  7. A Dance form
  8. An artist creating his art form
  9. A StreetSide painter
  10. A muse of a painter
  11. A celebration: A wedding/ a puja/ a community dance
  12. Durga idol
  13. Old mansions of colonial buildings of Kolkata
  14. Marine Drive in all her glamour from Bombay
  15. A potter at work at his kiln
  16. Rural children on their way to school
  17. An unfinished painting canvas
  18. A circus show
  19. A political rally
  20. Scene from a rural village
  21. A high tea session
  22. An urban cafe
  23. Ghats of Varanasi
  24. Streets of a busy city
  25. Kolkata City and yellow taxi
  26. Boi para of college street
  27. A coffee table
  28. A woman selling tomatoes
  29. A man busy playing his flute
  30. The making of pyramid
  31. Dhow cruise on river Nile
  32. A giant African Elephant
  33. A cowshed
  34. Ghats of Varanasi
  35. A Bengali bride in red Benarasi saree
  36. A battlefield at depicted in the Indian epic Mahabharata
  37. A woman dancing under the rain (refer to the song Barsho re megha from the movie Ravan)
  38. A forest from a bird’s POV
  39. Tribal women
  40. The Mongol nomads
  41. A sunflower field
  42. A full moon night and some silhouette
  43. A camel caravan in a desert with a backdrop of sunset!
  44. A woman painting her eyes!
  45. A pregnant mother giving bird
  46. A sleeping street dog
  47. The mass migration of India during lockdown
  48. A scene from Muktijuddho: Birth of Bangladesh
  49. A train to Pakistan!
  50. Madhubani fish painting
  51. An idyllic scene from rural Bengal: rivers, huts, cows, goats, fishermen
  52. A “haat”, a typical market place with a rural setting
  53. An elaborate hair do decked up with white flowers
  54. A branch of orchid
  55. A fruit basket
  56. A picnic lunch at African Savannah
  57. A working woman from the Masai tribe
  58. A big banyan tree by a river
  59. A white mountain dotted with poplar trees
  60. A trekking route to Mount Everest
  61. A rainforest
  62. A group of girls going to school
  63. A group of women enjoying a dip in the pond
  64. A girl gang busy clicking selfie
  65. A fish market
  66. A fisherman (portrait with the backdrop of a sea)
  67. A refugee camp
  68. A wall full of political graffiti
  69. A mosque minaret during Fazr azan
  70. A gold ear-ring (jhumka ideally)
  71. An African Mask!
  72. The Palawan limestones
  73. The floating islands of Loktak, Manipur
  74. A scene from the Amazon rainforest
  75. A couple kissing in the public
  76. A flock of birds against he backdrop of a beautiful sunset (urban set up)
  77. Azure sky and island life
  78. A whale with her baby
  79. A volcano eruption
  80. A scene from the lockdown cities
  81. A royal Bengal Tiger
  82. The Mysore palace
  83. A coffee shop from the Old Quarter, Hanoi
  84. Doors of Zanzibar
  85. A dodo bird
  86. A flying peacock in the wild!
  87. A horse racing
  88. A classroom from a rural school
  89. A weaver with his handloom
  90. A white night at scene in the arctic!
  91. The palaces of Game of Throne
  92. A souk from the grand old bazar, Istanbul
  93. A shepherd from central Asia
  94. A Feet painted with Alta
  95. A string of pearls
  96. A scene from the barren mountains of Ladakh
  97. A cruise ship
  98. A trainline
  99. A smoker
  100. A boat sailing through river Ganga
  101. A French Chateau by the sea!

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